Thursday, April 8, 2010

That Wouldn't Have Happened in a Minivan (so my husband says)

Today was my little guy's first birthday. It was a special day but the chaos that is my life still ensued because when you have two little boys that is just how it goes. It was a preschool morning so we were in the throes of the morning rush when something happened that literally almost gave me a heart attack and left me totally wiped for the rest of the day because it was so overwhelming.

We have an SUV which I prefer to a minivan but truth be told, it is not ideal for getting the kids in and out of their car-seats. When I am loading the kids in the car, I always put the baby in first as he sits in the middle; this process involves me climbing into the car and kneeling on my older sons car-seat.

This morning, while I was doing this awkward little dance, my 3-year-old decided to slam the SUV door closed on me. At first I thought it was no big deal but quickly realized when I tried to open the door from the inside and it did not open that we had a problem here. I remembered the child lock was on which was essentially trapping me in the car.

I started banging on the window and yelling for my 3YO to open the door from the outside; however, a 3YO's memory is short and no sooner had he slammed the door on me than he forgot where I was.  He panicked and started yelling for me thinking I had left him in the driveway alone and started running down the street looking for me.

We live on a small dead end street, there is no sidewalk and here is my 3YO running down the road hysterically calling my name and I was stuck in the car. There was no way I could climb into the front seat as the baby seat blocks the space between the front seats so I had to climb over the baby to the other door to get out. This was no easy task as I am a very tall person with a whole lot of leg and climbing over the baby and extricating myself from the car was difficult.

I took off running down the road to get my 3YO and was able to catch him before something seriously bad happened like him being hit by a car. I can only imagine what the neighbours were thinking watching me fall out of the backseat of my car only to run screaming down our road after my hysterical child and all before 9am. I might just cave and allow my husband to get that damn minivan after all. He totally I told you so'd me when I told him my little tale. He said: That wouldn't have happened with a minivan. What was I thinking: Ya don't say... well suck it Mofo, I am holding to my last shred of non minivan dignity ok.

Seriously those kids are mental. They keep me on my toes. I have said it before and I will say it again... they are not children, they are wild animals.

Here is some proof of how wild they really are. My poor house will never survive their childhood I swear.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WTF Wednesday: I'd Eat Sand For You Anytime

As a mother I find that I am always walking a fine line. I am trying to be everything and anything my boys and husband need while desperately trying to retain some sense of self. I am trying not to sink into the abyss that can be motherhood because I am more than just a mother and for me, in the interest of my personal sanity, it is important that I remember that.

There was a time when I thought I was not cut out for motherhood because I thought being a mother meant sacrificing everything and I thought I was not capable of it. It was rational that I felt that way; I was raised by a single mother who did not make much money and I watched her sacrifice almost everything for me and my brother. I always thought I was not strong enough or giving enough to do what she did and so, for a long time I doubted I would have kids.

It was only after I was married that I realized that my experience of motherhood would be different than my mothers because I have a life partner who supports me in every way I need him too. It is his unconditional support that allows me to be a mother on my own terms.

Yet sometimes I still find myself wondering if I can cut it. I lay in bed and I wonder if I am really a good mother; I worry that I may be inadvertently scarring my children and that one day they will grow to hate me and think I was the worst mother. I know I am not the only mother that feels this way but the thoughts still torment me.

Yesterday, when I picked up my 3-year-old from Preschool we spent some extra time at the park and I let both boys play in the sand. It was the first time my 11-month-old did not eat sand; it was like it finally clicked for him that he could play in the sand with his older brother if he just kept the damn stuff out of his mouth.

It had rained yesterday morning so the sand was wet and the boys were very dirty after their little park adventure. When we got back to the car I noticed that my 11-month-old's soother was covered in sand. As I strapped him in his car-seat, he began to cry and reach for his soother. I couldn't give it too him and I had nothing to wipe it off with so I just hoped he would realize he could not have it and stop crying.

Fat Chance!

He began the lip shake thing and looked at me with his big eyes and I could see that all he wanted in the whole world was that soother. He was desperate for it and I felt really bad so, I did something that only a mother would do. I stuck that damn soother in my mouth and I cleaned off the sand so he could have it.

As I drove home with sand crunching between my teeth I thought WTF??? Did I seriously just ingest sand for my kid??

And that is when it hit me. I was always cut out for this. In fact, I was freakin made for this. I ate sand for my kid without a second thought and I would do so much more than that. I would give up anything for those two boys; I would even lay down my life to ensure their safety and happiness.

I wonder what the old me would have thought about me eating sand?? Oh she would have been appalled that's for sure. But I would crunch sand any day for him and I'm not ashamed to admit it cause I am a mother and that's what we do.

Monday, March 29, 2010

A Good Day for Retail Therapy

I was so proud of myself. Yesterday I went shopping with my girlfriend and I did not buy one single thing. I contemplated, I put a few things on hold but I did not swipe that card once. I will admit I coveted the Olivia Bag in Pebble Grey from Roots but I did not buy it. I may drop a few hints because I think that baby should arrive on my arm for Mother's Day. I mean, I know it's a lame card holiday but if I can get a purse out of the deal then hell, I am all for it. 

Today, I had to visit the dentist. Not my favourite place but my Dentist is a really cool and groovy guy so I spend a good amount of time chatting and laughing with him so it is all good. My only problem with the dentist is that I always start falling asleep while the work is getting done... even when he is drilling. Weird right? I'm a freak what can I say.

After the dentist I was a bad wife and thought I would stretch out my kid free time. I was already downtown so it was hard to resist. I'm glad I spent that extra 40 minutes looking around though because I totally scored. I hit The Bay because I was still in desperate search of some Jegging (jean-leggings) - I have since decided, after trying on a ton of pairs, that Jeggings make my ass and thighs look big so I am going to let those go for now - and while I was searching for them I found some sweet adjustable leggings.

They are made by Kersh and you can tuck them up for different lengths and they have these cool little stitches on the inside seam that make them stay where you tuck them. They totally rock and I bought two pair, one in grey and one in black. When I went to pay the lady asked if I wanted to redeem points and I was like: Yeah I doubt I have enough points. But she checked and what do you know... I had enough points that the leggings were free. Score!

Next I popped into this shoe store I had a credit for. I did an oops back in the Fall and bought a pair of ugly boots there. I realized they were ugly when I got them home and returned them asap but was only able to get a credit for them and had yet to find anything I liked in the store.

I was starting to doubt I would ever be able to use that credit but today I hit the jackpot. Right on the shelf closest to the door were the sandals I have been waiting for. I put those puppies on and it was love. I bought them and brought them right home. I have already tried them on with my Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans and they are perfection.

So today I had a little retail therapy but the best part was I only spent $26 bucks because of my Bay points and that credit. Hubby was so happy and my mouth is still frozen but I am feeling happy too. Now I just need some nice weather so I can wear my gorgeous new sandals.

Have you done any retail therapy lately?? Do tell...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WTF Wednesday Update... Am I losing my Edge?

I let you all down... I don't have a WTF today. I tried I really did. But, after last weeks hospital stay I have been feeling pretty grateful and (shock I know) I don't feel I have much to complain about. Honestly, I have been feeling a little emotionally exhausted and I just could not go to that place today. Lame I know but valid all the same.

Instead of a new WTF I thought I would give an update on an old WTF about my issues with my local vet office.

I have great news to report. Today - yes we were a little delayed having this conversation  - my husband spoke to the vet office about our issues. We have known the main vet for a long time and she is a very fair and honest woman so it was no surprise to me that she was very open to hearing our concerns.

Not only did she hear us out, she apologized for what happened with our dog and she remedied the situation we were having with flea medication for our cat. She reassured us that we are amazing pet owners and she knows that we always do anything and everything in our power to ensure that our pets get the best care. Even though I already knew that, it felt good to have her acknowledge it. She admitted that the vet office has grown a lot and that with that growth, some of the personalized service has been lost. She asked that we speak to her directly if we have any issues in the future because she values our business and loyalty.

I am so relieved about this because this is my local vet office and I have been through so much there and I would be sad to take my business elsewhere... I'm sentimental like that.

Was that a little too positive and happy for you?? I know right... you came here for the bitch today and I psyched you out and gave you the sweet. Maybe I'm losing my edge???

No... don't worry, the bitch will be back before you know it.

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