Monday, March 29, 2010

A Good Day for Retail Therapy

I was so proud of myself. Yesterday I went shopping with my girlfriend and I did not buy one single thing. I contemplated, I put a few things on hold but I did not swipe that card once. I will admit I coveted the Olivia Bag in Pebble Grey from Roots but I did not buy it. I may drop a few hints because I think that baby should arrive on my arm for Mother's Day. I mean, I know it's a lame card holiday but if I can get a purse out of the deal then hell, I am all for it. 

Today, I had to visit the dentist. Not my favourite place but my Dentist is a really cool and groovy guy so I spend a good amount of time chatting and laughing with him so it is all good. My only problem with the dentist is that I always start falling asleep while the work is getting done... even when he is drilling. Weird right? I'm a freak what can I say.

After the dentist I was a bad wife and thought I would stretch out my kid free time. I was already downtown so it was hard to resist. I'm glad I spent that extra 40 minutes looking around though because I totally scored. I hit The Bay because I was still in desperate search of some Jegging (jean-leggings) - I have since decided, after trying on a ton of pairs, that Jeggings make my ass and thighs look big so I am going to let those go for now - and while I was searching for them I found some sweet adjustable leggings.

They are made by Kersh and you can tuck them up for different lengths and they have these cool little stitches on the inside seam that make them stay where you tuck them. They totally rock and I bought two pair, one in grey and one in black. When I went to pay the lady asked if I wanted to redeem points and I was like: Yeah I doubt I have enough points. But she checked and what do you know... I had enough points that the leggings were free. Score!

Next I popped into this shoe store I had a credit for. I did an oops back in the Fall and bought a pair of ugly boots there. I realized they were ugly when I got them home and returned them asap but was only able to get a credit for them and had yet to find anything I liked in the store.

I was starting to doubt I would ever be able to use that credit but today I hit the jackpot. Right on the shelf closest to the door were the sandals I have been waiting for. I put those puppies on and it was love. I bought them and brought them right home. I have already tried them on with my Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans and they are perfection.

So today I had a little retail therapy but the best part was I only spent $26 bucks because of my Bay points and that credit. Hubby was so happy and my mouth is still frozen but I am feeling happy too. Now I just need some nice weather so I can wear my gorgeous new sandals.

Have you done any retail therapy lately?? Do tell...


Maggie said...

Okay we need pictures of these scores. Time for a "What we wore" a la The Modish Mama" Do you read Bras & Ranties? I think you would like her! I guess we need to up our running if we want a pair of jeggings!

The Modish Mama said...

I suppose more running may be in order ;). I will check out Bra & Ranties 4 sure. I need to learn to use my camera better and take some more pics. That should be a goal of mine right now.


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