Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WTF Wednesday Update... Am I losing my Edge?

I let you all down... I don't have a WTF today. I tried I really did. But, after last weeks hospital stay I have been feeling pretty grateful and (shock I know) I don't feel I have much to complain about. Honestly, I have been feeling a little emotionally exhausted and I just could not go to that place today. Lame I know but valid all the same.

Instead of a new WTF I thought I would give an update on an old WTF about my issues with my local vet office.

I have great news to report. Today - yes we were a little delayed having this conversation  - my husband spoke to the vet office about our issues. We have known the main vet for a long time and she is a very fair and honest woman so it was no surprise to me that she was very open to hearing our concerns.

Not only did she hear us out, she apologized for what happened with our dog and she remedied the situation we were having with flea medication for our cat. She reassured us that we are amazing pet owners and she knows that we always do anything and everything in our power to ensure that our pets get the best care. Even though I already knew that, it felt good to have her acknowledge it. She admitted that the vet office has grown a lot and that with that growth, some of the personalized service has been lost. She asked that we speak to her directly if we have any issues in the future because she values our business and loyalty.

I am so relieved about this because this is my local vet office and I have been through so much there and I would be sad to take my business elsewhere... I'm sentimental like that.

Was that a little too positive and happy for you?? I know right... you came here for the bitch today and I psyched you out and gave you the sweet. Maybe I'm losing my edge???

No... don't worry, the bitch will be back before you know it.


KellyP said...

Nice to hear that about that vet office... I was wondering what was going on, but will be happy to keep going there myself now.

And it's good you had such a good day and have been so grateful, just keep up the blog posts - I enjoy reading them!

The Modish Mama said...

Don't worry the WTF treasure trove has more than enough material ;)

Viktor said...


- WTF is up with those Microsoft adds about how Windows 7 was those people's idea?!?! Worst adds ever. What's the message?? That all those people had to write and call Microsoft and tell them to make something that is functional and works!? Otherwise they would've came up with another piece of shit like VISTA?!

- WTF is up with rednecks? Ignorance and stupidity piss me off and they have plenty of both.....that's all I have on that one.. but you can run with it.

- WTF is up with Australia? Why does everything have to be poisonous? Spiders, jelly fish, snakes, plants, etc. I'm hesitant to visit there because even the ground is probably poisonous. Actually, now that I think about it, the ground is poisonous. The Australian Government used to burry nuclear waste in the outback. And I thought nature is supposed to be all about balance, so why does a little spider that eats insects and maybe mice need enough poison to bring down a water buffalo?! I was reading about the platypus just a few minutes ago and - surprise! surprise! - it has venom too.

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

That is a great thing to know.

The Modish Mama said...

Ahhh Viktor... you crack me up! You had better get WTFing my friend. You have the idea and the sharp wit. I would read it =).

I thought about WTFing Health Care reform but I thought bahhh why bother it's not my freakin country.

Anonymous said...

Yes, wtf is up with those Microsoft 'adds'? There's no respect for public decency these days! Time was you did your addition in the privacy of your own home, not on public television with the whole world watching. I mean, children see that sort of thing, get ideas. They start to think that it's ok to take a number, combine it with another number, and arrive at a new, larger number! I guess Bill Gates thinks he can do sums when and where he likes; he's better than the rest of us, after all. I blame the education system, they actually teach that stuff in school these days. Viktor, the next time you see a Microsoft ad, just shut it off. We can do that much.


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