Thursday, April 8, 2010

That Wouldn't Have Happened in a Minivan (so my husband says)

Today was my little guy's first birthday. It was a special day but the chaos that is my life still ensued because when you have two little boys that is just how it goes. It was a preschool morning so we were in the throes of the morning rush when something happened that literally almost gave me a heart attack and left me totally wiped for the rest of the day because it was so overwhelming.

We have an SUV which I prefer to a minivan but truth be told, it is not ideal for getting the kids in and out of their car-seats. When I am loading the kids in the car, I always put the baby in first as he sits in the middle; this process involves me climbing into the car and kneeling on my older sons car-seat.

This morning, while I was doing this awkward little dance, my 3-year-old decided to slam the SUV door closed on me. At first I thought it was no big deal but quickly realized when I tried to open the door from the inside and it did not open that we had a problem here. I remembered the child lock was on which was essentially trapping me in the car.

I started banging on the window and yelling for my 3YO to open the door from the outside; however, a 3YO's memory is short and no sooner had he slammed the door on me than he forgot where I was.  He panicked and started yelling for me thinking I had left him in the driveway alone and started running down the street looking for me.

We live on a small dead end street, there is no sidewalk and here is my 3YO running down the road hysterically calling my name and I was stuck in the car. There was no way I could climb into the front seat as the baby seat blocks the space between the front seats so I had to climb over the baby to the other door to get out. This was no easy task as I am a very tall person with a whole lot of leg and climbing over the baby and extricating myself from the car was difficult.

I took off running down the road to get my 3YO and was able to catch him before something seriously bad happened like him being hit by a car. I can only imagine what the neighbours were thinking watching me fall out of the backseat of my car only to run screaming down our road after my hysterical child and all before 9am. I might just cave and allow my husband to get that damn minivan after all. He totally I told you so'd me when I told him my little tale. He said: That wouldn't have happened with a minivan. What was I thinking: Ya don't say... well suck it Mofo, I am holding to my last shred of non minivan dignity ok.

Seriously those kids are mental. They keep me on my toes. I have said it before and I will say it again... they are not children, they are wild animals.

Here is some proof of how wild they really are. My poor house will never survive their childhood I swear.

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Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

I know that is the crazy. I hate mini vans too.


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